Core Services

Core services list / core business(function / field):

  • Development Control
  • Business Control
  • Property Assessment Tax Management
  • Urban Services
  • Enforcement

Key Services

> Administrative Unit

Administrative's unit carrying out administrative tasks in Dabong District Council. Other than recorded employee information information this unit also play a role in lay out duties and responsibility should be done by every staff in Council.

> Law And Enforcement Unit

Law and Enforcement Unit was one of the unit which made enforcement and patrol and carry out legal action based on Local Authority directive (PBT) follow acts that is fixed. Between those tasks undertaken by this Unit was:-

  • Lodge report
  • Send 'Notis' to act

> Licensing Unit

Licensing Unit with role to issuing licences and giving license to traders or tenants rent building or Council property's site. Apart from that, this unit also issuing licences for dealers in business deal and also advertisement approval licence.

> Engineering Unit Building

Engineering Unit Building is one most important unit inside Dabong District Council . This unit officiate – task such as building maintenance, building and others structuring more. Form used by Engineering Unit Building is Borang A, Borang B, Borang C, Borang D, Borang E and Borang I.

> Town Planning And Landscape Unit

Town planning and landscape unit is is unit which carried out planning to beautify Daerah Dabong's around the area . Apart from that, this unit also plans in development sector to create one organised development area. All modification on building or placement by members of the public should dimaklumakan to Council's party

> Assessment And Wealth Management Unit

Assessment And Wealth Management Unit was a unit which discharge of duties evaluate and manage Council property's property. Beside the this unit also play a role pursuant to assessment upper building project which operate by Council.

> Monetary Unit

Monetary unit with role as a important unit in financial management which involves Council's expenditure.