Mount Stong is located in the Kelantan Forest Reserve Park in the Krai District, with a peak of 1422 meters. Other mountains located nearby include Mount Ayam, Mount Tera, Mount Saji, Mount Koh, Mount Baha, Mount Beirut and Mount Che Tahir. The Forest Reserve Park covers 61,734 hectares.

How to get there : :

  • Route One :

You can reach Mount Stong by car, through the East-West Highway, approximately 145 km from Jeli. Follow the road to Kampung Jelawang, for a distance of 48 km.

  • Route Two:

Use the new Gua Musang/Kuala Krai Highway heading to Dabong. If you pass through the town, be sure to ask about the boat services to cross the river to Kampung Jelawang.

  • Route Three:

Get there by train (KTM). Be warned that it is a long journey, as you have to travel to Tampin for the switch to the East coast railway. Upon arrival at Dabong Railway Station, its just a 5 minute walk to the jetty on Sungai Galas to Kampung Jelawang. The boat fare is RM2 and a taxi to Stong Hill Resort will cost you RM3.